[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-534

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Semantic Web and New Technologies

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Semantic Web and New Technologies (SemWeb09),
Puebla, Mexico, March 23-24, 2009.

Edited by

David Eduardo Pinto Avendaño *
María Josefa Somodevilla García *

* Faculty of Computer Science, BUAP, 14 sur and Av. San Claudio, CU, CP. 72570, Puebla, Mexico

Table of Contents

Josefa Somodevilla and David Pinto

The Evolution of the Semantic Web (Invited paper)
John Cardiff, pages 1-7

Exploiting Wikipedia as a Knowledge Base: Towards an Ontology of Movies
Rodrigo Alarcón, Octavio Sánchez and Víctor Mijangos, pages 8-16

Translation of Verbal Expressions and Context of Use Extraction through a Corpus on Web
Arturo Velasco, María J. Somodevilla, and Ivo. H. Pineda, pages 17-27

Dynamic Concept-Based Taxonomy used for image recovery based on their textual description
Jaime Lara, María de la Concepción Pérez de Celis and David Pinto, pages 28-36

The Use of Document Fingerprinting in the Web People Search Task
David Pinto, Mireya Tovar, Beatriz Beltrán, Darnes Vilariño and Héctor Furlog, pages 37-43

mQA: Question Answering in Mobile devices
Fernando Zacarías F., Alberto Téllez V., Marco Antonio Balderas and Rosalba Cuapa C., pages 44-55

Semantic Routing for Structured Peer-to-Peer Networks
Luis Enrique Colmenares Guillén, Omar Ariosto Niño Prieto and Leandro Navarro Moldes, pages 56-66

A Recommender Agent Development
Juan C. Ramírez, Darnes Vilariño and Fabiola López, page 67-75

Some Considerations for the Semantic Web
María Elena Franco Carcedo, pages 76-82

Research issues on K-means Algorithm: An Experimental Trial Using Matlab
Joaquín Pérez Ortega, Ma. Del Rocío Boone Rojas and María J. Somodevilla García, pages 83-96

Image Classification by Texture Segmentation using GAF-SVM
Sergio Manuel Dorantes, Manuel Martín Ortiz, María J. Somodevilla, Jesús Lava-lle Martínez, Ivo H. Pineda Torres, pages 97-107

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