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20EEAmar Isli: Combining Cardinal Direction Relations and Relative Relations in QSR. AMAI 2004
19EEAmar Isli: Augmenting ALC(D) (atemporal) roles and (aspatial) concrete domain with temporal roles and a spatial concrete domain -first results CoRR cs.AI/0409045: (2004)
18EEAmar Isli: A TCSP-like decidable constraint language generalising existing cardinal direction relations CoRR cs.AI/0409046: (2004)
17EEAmar Isli: An ALC(D)-based combination of temporal constraints and spatial constraints suitable for continuous (spatial) change CoRR cs.AI/0409047: (2004)
16EEAmar Isli: Bridging the gap between modal temporal logics and constraint-based QSR as an ALC(D) spatio-temporalisation with weakly cyclic TBoxes CoRR cs.AI/0307040: (2003)
15EEAmar Isli, Volker Haarslev, Ralf Möller: Combining cardinal direction relations and relative orientation relations in Qualitative Spatial Reasoning CoRR cs.AI/0307048: (2003)
14EEAmar Isli: A ternary Relation Algebra of directed lines CoRR cs.AI/0307050: (2003)
13EEAmar Isli: Integrating existing cone-shaped and projection-based cardinal direction relations and a TCSP-like decidable generalisation CoRR cs.AI/0311051: (2003)
12 Amar Isli: On Deciding Consistency for CSPs of Cyclic Time Intervals. FLAIRS Conference 2001: 547-551
11EEAmar Isli, Lledó Museros Cabedo, Thomas Barkowsky, Reinhard Moratz: A Topological Calculus for Cartographic Entities. Spatial Cognition 2000: 225-238
10EEAmar Isli, Anthony G. Cohn: A new approach to cyclic ordering of 2D orientations using ternary relation algebras. Artif. Intell. 122(1-2): 137-187 (2000)
9 Amar Isli, Anthony G. Cohn: An Algebra for Cyclic Ordering of 2D Orientations. AAAI/IAAI 1998: 643-649
8EEBelaid Benhamou, Amar Isli: Study of Symmetry in Qualitative Temporal Interval Networks. AIMSA 1998: 88-101
7 Brandon Bennett, Amar Isli, Anthony G. Cohn: A System Handling RCC-8 Queries on 2D Regions Representable in the Closure algebra of Half-Planes. IEA/AIE (Vol. 1) 1998: 281-290
6 Said Belhadji, Amar Isli: Temporal Constraint Satisfaction Techniques in Job Shop Scheduling Problem Solving. Constraints 3(2/3): 203-211 (1998)
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3 Christian Bessière, Amar Isli, Gerard Ligozat: Global Consistency in Interval Algebra Networks: Tractable Subclasses. ECAI 1996: 3-7
2 Said Belhadji, Amar Isli: AI Tools in Scheduling Problem Solving: A Solver Based on a "Well-Behaved" Restriction of TCSPs. ICTAI 1996: 438-439
1 Amar Isli, Hachemi Bennaceur: Networks of Qualitative Interval Relations: Combining Circuit Consistency and Path Consistency in the Search for a Solution. TIME 1996

Coauthor Index

1Thomas Barkowsky [11]
2Said Belhadji [2] [6]
3Belaid Benhamou [8]
4Hachemi Bennaceur [1]
5Brandon Bennett [4] [5] [7]
6Christian Bessiere (Christian Bessière) [3]
7Lledó Museros Cabedo [11]
8Anthony G. Cohn [4] [5] [7] [9] [10]
9Volker Haarslev [15]
10Gérard Ligozat (Gerard Ligozat) [3]
11Ralf Möller [15]
12Reinhard Moratz [11]

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