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AIDX: n. /aydkz/ n. Derogatory term for IBM's perverted version
   of UNIX, AIX, especially for the AIX 3.? used in the IBM RS/6000
   series (some hackers think it is funnier just to pronounce "AIX"
   as "aches").  A victim of the dreaded "hybridism" disease, this
   attempt to combine the two main currents of the UNIX stream
   (BSD and USG UNIX) became a monstrosity to haunt
   system administrators' dreams.  For example, if new accounts are
   created while many users are logged on, the load average jumps
   quickly over 20 due to silly implementation of the user databases.
   For a quite similar disease, compare HP-SUX.  Also, compare
   Macintrash Nominal Semidestructor, Open DeathTrap,
   ScumOS, sun-stools.