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Commonwealth Hackish

Commonwealth Hackish:: n. Hacker jargon as spoken outside
   the U.S., esp. in the British Commonwealth.  It is reported that
   Commonwealth speakers are more likely to pronounce truncations like
   `char' and `soc', etc., as spelled (/char/, /sok/), as
   opposed to American /keir/ and /sohsh/.  Dots in newsgroup
   names (especially two-component names) tend to be pronounced more
   often (so soc.wibble is /sok dot wib'l/ rather than /sohsh
   wib'l/).  The prefix meta may be pronounced /mee't*/;
   similarly, Greek letter beta is usually /bee't*/, zeta is usually
   /zee't*/, and so forth.  Preferred metasyntactic variables
   include blurgle, `eek', `ook', `frodo', and
   `bilbo'; `wibble', `wobble', and in emergencies
   `wubble'; `banana', `tom', `dick',
   `harry', `wombat', `frog', fish, and so on and
   on (see foo, sense 4).

Alternatives to verb doubling include suffixes `-o-rama', `frenzy' (as in feeding frenzy), and `city' (examples: "barf city!" "hack-o-rama!" "core dump frenzy!"). Finally, note that the American terms `parens', `brackets', and `braces' for (), [], and {} are uncommon; Commonwealth hackish prefers `brackets', `square brackets', and `curly brackets'. Also, the use of `pling' for bang is common outside the United States.

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