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MEGO: /me'goh/ or /mee'goh/ [`My Eyes Glaze Over', often `Mine
   Eyes Glazeth (sic) Over', attributed to the futurologist Herman
   Kahn] Also `MEGO factor'.  1. n. A handwave intended to
   confuse the listener and hopefully induce agreement because the
   listener does not want to admit to not understanding what is going
   on.  MEGO is usually directed at senior management by engineers and
   contains a high proportion of TLAs.  2. excl. An appropriate
   response to MEGO tactics.  3. Among non-hackers, often refers not
   to behavior that causes the eyes to glaze, but to the eye-glazing
   reaction itself, which may be triggered by the mere threat of
   technical detail as effectively as by an actual excess of it.