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UNIX weenie

UNIX weenie: [ITS] n. 1. A derogatory play on `UNIX wizard',
   common among hackers who use UNIX by necessity but would prefer
   alternatives.  The implication is that although the person in
   question may consider mastery of UNIX arcana to be a wizardly
   skill, the only real skill involved is the ability to tolerate (and
   the bad taste to wallow in) the incoherence and needless complexity
   that is alleged to infest many UNIX programs.  "This shell script
   tries to parse its arguments in 69 bletcherous ways.  It must have
   been written by a real UNIX weenie."  2. A derogatory term for
   anyone who engages in uncritical praise of UNIX.  Often appearing
   in the context "stupid UNIX weenie".  See Weenix, UNIX
   conspiracy.  See also weenie.