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UTSL: // [UNIX] n. On-line acronym for `Use the Source, Luke' (a
   pun on Obi-Wan Kenobi's "Use the Force, Luke!" in "Star
   Wars") --- analogous to RTFS (sense 1), but more polite.  This
   is a common way of suggesting that someone would be better off
   reading the source code that supports whatever feature is causing
   confusion, rather than making yet another futile pass through the
   manuals, or broadcasting questions on USENET that haven't attracted
   wizards to answer them.

Once upon a time in Elder Days, everyone running UNIX had source. After 1978, AT&T's policy tightened up, so this objurgation was in theory appropriately directed only at associates of some outfit with a UNIX source license. In practice, bootlegs of UNIX source code (made precisely for reference purposes) were so ubiquitous that one could utter it at almost anyone on the network without concern.

Nowadays, free UNIX clones are becoming common enough that almost anyone can read source legally. The most widely distributed is probably Linux, with 386BSD (aka jolix) running second. Cheap commercial UNIXes with source such as BSD/386 are accelerating this trend.