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YAFIYGI: /yaf'ee-y*-gee/ adj. [coined in response to WYSIWYG]
   Describes the command-oriented ed/vi/nroff/TeX style of word
   processing or other user interface, the opposite of WYSIWYG.
   Stands for "You asked for it, you got it", because what you
   actually asked for is often not apparent until long after it is too
   late to do anything about it.  Used to denote perversity ("Real
   Programmers use YAFIYGI tools...and *like* it!") or, less
   often, a necessary tradeoff ("Only a YAFIYGI tool can have full
   programmable flexibility in its interface.").

This precise sense of "You asked for it, you got it" seems to have first appeared in Ed Post's classic parody "Real Programmers don't use Pascal"; the acronym is a more recent (as of 1993) invention.