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boink: /boynk/ [USENET: variously ascribed to the TV series
   "Cheers" "Moonlighting", and "Soap"] 1. To have sex
   with; compare bounce, sense 3. (This is mainstream slang.) In
   Commonwealth hackish the variant `bonk' is more common.  2. After
   the original Peter Korn `Boinkon' USENET parties, used for
   almost any net social gathering, e.g., Miniboink, a small boink
   held by Nancy Gillett in 1988; Minniboink, a Boinkcon in Minnesota
   in 1989; Humpdayboinks, Wednesday get-togethers held in the San
   Francisco Bay Area.  Compare @-party.  3. Var of `bonk';
   see bonk/oif.