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box: n. 1. A computer; esp. in the construction `foo box'
   where foo is some functional qualifier, like `graphics', or
   the name of an OS (thus, `UNIX box', `MS-DOS box', etc.)  "We
   preprocess the data on UNIX boxes before handing it up to the
   mainframe."  2. [IBM] Without qualification but within an
   SNA-using site, this refers specifically to an IBM front-end
   processor or FEP /F-E-P/.  An FEP is a small computer necessary
   to enable an IBM mainframe to communicate beyond the limits of
   the dinosaur pen.  Typically used in expressions like the cry
   that goes up when an SNA network goes down: "Looks like the
   box has fallen over." (See fall over.) See also
   IBM, fear and loathing, fepped out, Blue