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for the rest of us

for the rest of us: [from the Mac slogan "The computer for the
   rest of us"] adj. 1. Used to describe a spiffy product whose
   affordability shames other comparable products, or (more often)
   used sarcastically to describe spiffy but very overpriced
   products.  2. Describes a program with a limited interface,
   deliberately limited capabilities, non-orthogonality, inability to
   compose primitives, or any other limitation designed to not
   `confuse' a naive user.  This places an upper bound on how far
   that user can go before the program begins to get in the way of the
   task instead of helping accomplish it.  Used in reference to
   Macintosh software which doesn't provide obvious capabilities
   because it is thought that the poor lusers might not be able to
   handle them.  Becomes `the rest of *them*' when used in
   third-party reference; thus, "Yes, it is an attractive program,
   but it's designed for The Rest Of Them" means a program that
   superficially looks neat but has no depth beyond the surface flash.
   See also WIMP environment, Macintrash,
   point-and-drool interface, user-friendly.