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microLenat: /mi:`-kroh-len'-*t/ n. The unit of bogosity,
   written uL; the consensus is that this is the largest unit
   practical for everyday use.  The microLenat, originally invented by
   David Jefferson, was promulgated as an attack against noted
   computer scientist Doug Lenat by a tenured graduate student at
   CMU.  Doug had failed the student on an important exam for giving
   only "AI is bogus" as his answer to the questions.  The slur is
   generally considered unmerited, but it has become a running gag
   nevertheless.  Some of Doug's friends argue that *of course* a
   microLenat is bogus, since it is only one millionth of a Lenat.
   Others have suggested that the unit should be redesignated after
   the grad student, as the microReid.