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microtape: /mi:'kroh-tayp/ n. Occasionally used to mean a
   DECtape, as opposed to a macrotape.  A DECtape is a small
   reel, about 4 inches in diameter, of magnetic tape about an inch
   wide.  Unlike those for today's macrotapes, microtape
   drivers allowed random access to the data, and therefore could be
   used to support file systems and even for swapping (this was
   generally done purely for hack value, as they were far too
   slow for practical use).  In their heyday they were used in pretty
   much the same ways one would now use a floppy disk: as a small,
   portable way to save and transport files and programs.  Apparently
   the term `microtape' was actually the official term used within
   DEC for these tapes until someone coined the word `DECtape',
   which, of course, sounded sexier to the marketroids; another
   version of the story holds that someone discovered a conflict with
   another company's `microtape' trademark.