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taste: [primarily MIT] n. 1. The quality in a program that tends
   to be inversely proportional to the number of features, hacks, and
   kluges programmed into it.  Also `tasty', `tasteful',
   `tastefulness'.  "This feature comes in N tasty flavors."
   Although `tasteful' and `flavorful' are essentially
   synonyms, `taste' and flavor are not.  Taste refers to
   sound judgment on the part of the creator; a program or feature
   can *exhibit* taste but cannot *have* taste.  On the other
   hand, a feature can have flavor.  Also, flavor has the
   additional meaning of `kind' or `variety' not shared by
   `taste'.  Flavor is a more popular word than `taste',
   though both are used.  See also elegant.  2. Alt. sp. of