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vadding: /vad'ing/ [from VAD, a permutation of ADV (i.e.,
   ADVENT), used to avoid a particular admin's continual
   search-and-destroy sweeps for the game] n. A leisure-time activity
   of certain hackers involving the covert exploration of the
   `secret' parts of large buildings --- basements, roofs, freight
   elevators, maintenance crawlways, steam tunnels, and the like.  A
   few go so far as to learn locksmithing in order to synthesize
   vadding keys.  The verb is `to vad' (compare phreaking; see
   also hack, sense 9).  This term dates from the late 1970s,
   before which such activity was simply called `hacking'; the older
   usage is still prevalent at MIT.

The most extreme and dangerous form of vadding is `elevator rodeo', a.k.a. `elevator surfing', a sport played by wrasslin' down a thousand-pound elevator car with a 3-foot piece of string, and then exploiting this mastery in various stimulating ways (such as elevator hopping, shaft exploration, rat-racing, and the ever-popular drop experiments). Kids, don't try this at home! See also hobbit (sense 2).