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zap: 1. n. Spiciness. 2. vt. To make food spicy. 3. vt. To make
   someone `suffer' by making his food spicy.  (Most hackers love
   spicy food.  Hot-and-sour soup is considered wimpy unless it makes
   you wipe your nose for the rest of the meal.)  See zapped.
   4. vt. To modify, usually to correct; esp. used when the action
   is performed with a debugger or binary patching tool.  Also implies
   surgical precision.  "Zap the debug level to 6 and run it again."
   In the IBM mainframe world, binary patches are applied to programs
   or to the OS with a program called `superzap', whose file name is
   `IMASPZAP' (possibly contrived from I M A SuPerZAP).  5. vt. To
   erase or reset.  6. To fry a chip with static electricity.
   "Uh oh --- I think that lightning strike may have zapped the disk