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Behaviour Monitoring and Interpretation

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Behaviour Monitoring and Interpretation

Kaiserslautern, Germany, September 23, 2008.

Edited by

Björn Gottfried* and Hamid Aghajan**

* Centre for Computing Technologies (TZI), University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany
** Wireless Sensor Networks Lab, Stanford University, Stanford CA 94305-9515, USA

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Table of Contents

    Behaviour Monitoring

  1. Shadowing - Tracking - Interviewing: How to Explore Human Spatio-Temporal Behaviour Patterns
    Alexandra Millonig and Georg Gartner, pages 1-14
  2. Monitoring Movement Behavior by Means of a Large Area Proximity Sensor Array in the Floor
    Axel Steinhage and Christl Lauterbach, pages 15-27

    Behaviour Representation

  3. A Framework for Mobile Intention Recognition in Spatially Structured Environments
    Peter Kiefer and Klaus Stein, pages 28-41
  4. Modeling Ontological Concepts of Motions with Two Projection-Based Spatial Models
    Hui Shi and Yohei Kurata, pages 42-56
  5. Collectives and How They Move: A Tale of Two Classifications
    Zena Wood and Antony Galton, pages 57-71

    AAL Applications

  6. Autonomous Learning of User's Preferences improved through User Feedback
    Asier Aztiria, Juan Carlos Augusto, and Alberto Izaguirre, pages 72-86
  7. The Enhancement of Low-Level Classifications for Ambient Assisted Living
    Rachel Goshorn, Deborah Goshorn, and Mathias Kölsch, pages 87-101
  8. Towards Recognizing Abstract Activities: An Unsupervised Approach
    Albert Hein and Thomas Kirste, pages 102-114

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