[CEUR Workshop Proceedings] Vol-503

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ACES-MB 2008
Model Based Architecting and Construction of Embedded Systems

Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Model Based Architecting and Construction of Embedded Systems (ACES-MB 2008),
held as part of the 2008 International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MoDELS'08)

Toulouse, France, September 29, 2008.

Edited by

Stefan Van Baelen *
Iulian Ober **
Susanne Graf ***
Mamoun Filali **
Thomas Weigert ****
Sébastien Gérard *****

* K.U.Leuven - Distrinet, Leuven, Belgium
** University of Toulouse - IRIT, Toulouse, France
*** Université Joseph Fourier - VERIMAG, Grenoble, France
**** Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, MO, USA
***** CEA-LIST, Saclay, France

Table of Contents

    AADL based Analysis

  1. Multi-Level power consumption modelling in the AADL design flow for DSP, GPP, and FPGA
    Eric Senn, Johann Laurent, and Jean-Philippe Diguet, pages 9-22
  2. VTS-based Specification and Verification of Behavioral Properties of AADL Models
    Daniel Monteverde, Alfredo Olivero, Sergio Yovine, and Victor Braberman, pages 23-37
  3. Translating AADL into BIP - Application to the Verification of Real-time Systems
    Mohamed Yassin Chkouri, Anne Robert, Marius Bozga, and Joseph Sifakis, pages 39-53
  4. Transformation and Synthesis

  5. Deriving component designs from global requirements
    Gregor v. Bochmann, pages 55-69
  6. Scalable Models Using Model Transformation
    Thomas Huining Feng, and Edward A. Lee, pages 71-85
  7. ISE language: the ADL for Efficient Development of Cross Toolkits
    Nikolay Pakulin, and Vladimir Rubanov, pages 87-98
  8. Tools, Applications, Patterns

  9. Towards Model-Based Integration of Tools and Techniques for Embedded Control System Design, Verification, and Implementation
    Joseph Porter, Gabor Karsai, Peter Volgyesi, Harmon Nine, Peter Humke, Graham Hemingway, Ryan Thibodeaux, and Janos Sztipanovits, pages 99-113
  10. Modeling Radio-Frequency Front-Ends Using SysML: A Case Study of a UMTS Transceiver
    Sabeur Lafi, Roger Champagne, Ammar Kouki, and Jean Belzile, pages 115-128
  11. From high-level modelling of time in MARTE to real-time scheduling analysis
    Marie-Agnes Peraldi-Frati, and Yves Sorel, pages 129-143
  12. A Reinterpretation of Patterns to Increase the Expressive Power of Model-Driven Engineering Approaches
    Matteo Bordin, Marco Panunzio, Carlo Santamaria, and Tullio Vardanega, pages 145-158

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