One of Maple V's outstanding capabilities - although surely not designed for it - is to calculate and display fractals. Completing the images may take some time, depending on your computer's power and size of memory, however, the results are marvelous.

The following routines are also available as ASCII file: fraktale.txt and as Maple V Release 3 MS file:

If you take a look at the procedures, you will see that programming fractals in Maple V is very easy, in most cases you only need to write some few lines and thereafter use the plot or plot3d commands for display.

Acknowledgments: Thanks goes to John Oprea of CSU Ohio, who sent me the procedures for the Mandelbrot Set, Julia sets, and the Sierpinsky gasket, which inspired me to add further procedures. Without his posting these fractal pages would not have been created.

Also thanks to Alain Schauber, France, who sent very sophisticated procedures for Bifurcation, Cantor Sets, and Iterated Function Systems who are very fast and take full advantage of Maple V's extraordinary programming language.


If you are interested in high-speed fractal computation you should use FRACTINT, which is a freeware program created by the Stone Soup Group and is available for DOS, Windows and UNIX derivatives and creates fractals in just a (very tiny) fraction Maple takes to complete. For further information visit: Spanky's.



MAPLE V FRACTALS INTRO #1.04 current as of April 23, 1999
Author: Alexander F. Walz,
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