Maple User's Group (MUG)

MUG is an electronic mailing list. Maple users can put questions or answer those of other users. Send your message via E-mail to

It will be forwarded to all other subscribers, including Maple experts and also authors of various books on Maple. Membership is for free. When sending E-mails to this server please always fill out the 'Subject' field. Do not attach files.

To join the Maple User's Group send an E-mail to

Include the following text in the body of the message (not the 'Subject' field) when subscribing):

subscribe maple-list [your own E-mail-Adresse, without the brackets]

E.g.: subscribe maple-list

There are archives containing previously sent MUG messages:

Club des utilisateurs de Maple

A mailing list in French language is maintained in Canada:


A newsgroup for general symbolic computation is available at:


You can also find information on other computer programs, such as Mathematica for example.

A newsgroup specialized on Maple related topics:



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