November/December 2001 update:
Crash Course to Maple
     Informationen zum Buch über Maple 7
         Maple 7 versions of math, utils, sgesim available
             math package now also available for Cassiopeia
                 sharetools 1.0.0 package available: using R5 Share Library in M6/7
                     Added utils 1.12.0 package for Maple V R4 through Maple 7 
                         Revised & updated info on the Share Library
                             Updated info on mailing lists/newsgroups
                                 New & updated links
                                     Updated and new links to Maple updates and patches
                                         Updated FAQs

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Maple 7
Rechnen und Programmieren

von Alexander Walz

wird im Januar 2002

im R. Oldenbourg Verlag, München, erscheinen.

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1. Auflage (Maple V Release 4)

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