Syrup is a package for symbolically solving electric circuits. It can read a standard SPICE deck and return symbolic expressions for the node voltages and branch currents. It can perform AC, DC, and transient analyses. There are currently three versions for R3, R4, and R5.


Scheme is a companion package to Syrup. It permits a simplified method for entering simple circuits using extended ladder networks. It can also draw the circuit.


Manifold is a package for evaluating integrals and differential forms over manifolds embedded in an n-dimensional Euclidean space. It has a compact syntax that approximates standard math notation. It can also plot manifolds in 2 and 3 dimensions.


Pathint is a package for evaluating line integrals in an n-dimensional Euclidean space. It has been essentially superceded by manifold.


MKS is a package for converting units and simplifying units. It also knows many physical constants.


IEEE is a package for converting Maple numbers to and from IEEE binary floating point (IEEE 754).


A Clifford Algebra package permitting computations with an interior product defined by a quadratic form or an abitrary bilinear form. Features include symbolic evaluation of transcendental expressions of Clifford polynomials and a solver for equations of Clifford polynomials.


Administering Maple:

A package describing how to work with Maple libraries, update packages, and related topics. There are two versions available, an ascii file written for R3, and help pages that can be installed for R4.


Undoc is a set of R4 help pages that explain some of the undocumented commands available in R4.


Joe Riel is an electrical engineer in San Diego, California. He writes Maple packages in his spare time to use as tools for his job or to study a field of mathematics or physics.

Send email to concerning any of these packages or visit his website containing further information and packages for Maple V at


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