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The Academic Editions of Maple V Release 5 and earlier had been shipped with the Share Library, or Share for short, a collection of very useful routines, documentation and worksheets written by various Maple users.

This page describes how to download, install and use Share in Maple V Release 3, 4, 5, as well as in Maple 6 & 7. Using Share in the Student Versions of Maple V is covered, as well.

In the past, the Student Versions of Maple featured only a small version of Share are none at all.

The Share Libraries of various Releases can be obtained from the following FTP sites:
Institution Location FTP address
Waterloo Maple Inc. Waterloo, Ontario
University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario

These archives contain the share libraries and their respective updates for Maple versions 4.3, 5.0, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5. You may use share libraries for free.


Installation in Maple V Release 3 and Release 4

The following procedure describes the installation of the full share library with the Student Edition of Maple V Release 3. The installation procedure with Release 4 and 5 is the same. You only have to change the directory names accordingly.

After downloading the share.lib.Zfile, copy it into the main Maple directory, e.g. C:\MAPLEV3 in DOS.

Note that transfer of the archive to the DOS FAT file system omits the suffix '.Z' from share.lib.Z, so the file has to be renamed to share.gz.

At first, type in the DOS shell:

C:\MAPLEV3> rename share.lib share.gz
After renaming, decompress the file using the following DOS utilities if you are using DR-/PC-/MS-DOS or Microsoft Windows: gzip decompresses the file, tar automatically creates a subdirectory called share and copies all files contained in the archive to it.
C:\MAPLEV3> gzip -d share.gz

C:\MAPLEV3> tar xfv share
See UNIX Tools for DOS Users for further details about the utilities.

The tar command creates a subdirectory \share in the Maple directory and copies all files to that directory. After the archive has been successfully unzipped, you may delete it.

Share is now for use in Maple V.


Installation in Maple V Release 5.X

It is quite easy to install the R5 Share Library under Windows. If you purchased the Professional/Academic Edition of R5 or R5.1, you (may) have also received a second CD-ROM containing the Share Library. Put it into the CD-ROM drive and execute the file setup.exe in its root directory. The setup program will automatically search for the R5 directory and install the Share Library there.

(There may be problems with the Share Library CD-ROM under Solaris 2.5: The share.tar.Z does not seem to exist. A solution is either to use another operating system and transfer the tar file to your Solaris 2.5 workstation or download the file from WMI's FTP server.)

If you do not have the CD-ROM, please proceed as follows:

  1. Download the share.tar.Z file from WMI's FTP server.
  2. In Windows, use a decompression tool like WinZIP to install the files.
  3. From WinZIP, indicate a directory of your desire to which the files shall be copied, e.g. e:\maplev5.
  4. The files will be extracted to that folder. In the above example, in the e:\maplev5 directory you see a new subdirectory called share. In this subdirectory you find the files maple.ind, maple.lib and maple.hdb, as well as a lot of other subdirectories.

Do not extract the files into the /lib or /updates subdirectories.


Installation in Maple 6 and Maple 7

In Maple 6 and 7 you can still use the Maple V Release 5 Share Library.

Just download and install R5 Share as described above. Also make sure you download the sharetools package to access and use the R5 Share Library.


Structure of the Share Library

Share consists of functions and packages that you can use in your Maple sessions as well as text files (usually in DVI and PostScript file formats) and Maple worksheets.

In R3 and R4, the Share Libraries consist of categories, each category includes functions, packages, documentation, and worksheets.

The worksheets and documentation can be accessed by cd'ing into the respective category subdirectory of the Share Library on your file system.

In R5, the logical Share structure is equal to the actual file directory structure, there are no longer categories.


Loading Share functions in Maple V Release 3 & Release 4

You can access the functions included in the Share Library by first invoking Share

> with(share);
See ?share and ?share,contents for information about the share library

[ ]

and then loading the function or package you would like to use:

> readshare(function, category);
where function is the name of the function in the given category.

Each time you restart Maple, you need to invoke Share by executing the with(share) statement.

In R4, Share includes the following categories:
Category name online help   Category name online help
Algebra ?share,algebra   Modular computations ?share,mod
Analysis ?share,analysis   Numerics ?share,numerics
Calculus ?share,calculus   Number Theory ?share,numtheor
Combinatorics ?share,combinat   Graphics ?share,graphics
Conversions ?share,convert   Programming ?share,program
Courses ?share,courses   Science ?share,science
Engineering ?share,engineer   Statistics ?share,stats
Geometry ?share,geometry   System Tools ?share,system
Linear Algebra ?share,linalg

Note: If you would like to open the online Share help pages, you first have to invoke Share by typing with(share);.

For example, the command FPS written by Dominik Gruntz, ETH Zürich, which prints the sum formula of a series expansion, is activated in R3 through the following statement:

R3> readshare(FPS, calculus);

In Release 4 you have to substitute analysis with calculus, e.g.

R4> readshare(FPS, analysis);

In R3 and R4, there may be the following message:

> readshare(FPS, calculus);
Error, (in readshare) 
could not open c:\MAPLEV3\share/calculus/FormalPowerSeries.m 
for reading
This is because you have already loaded the function stated. Just ignore this error message, you can still use the command.


Loading Share functions in Maple V Release 5.X

> restart:
Invoke Share by typing
> with(share);
See ?share and ?share,contents for information about the 
share library
with(share) initializes the Share Library, i.e. assigns the path to it to the global environment variable sharename and also appends the path in sharename to libname so that Maple V can find the functions in the Share Library archive. This is done by searching for the path to the main Maple Library, e.g. c:\maplev5\lib, replacing the string lib with the string share, trying to find the share library in the newly created subdirectory, e.g. c:\maplev5\share, by loading the file check.m from the Maple library located in c:\maplev5\share and checking the integer value stored to check.m.
> sharename;
> libname;
"c:\\maplev5/update", "c:\maplev5/lib", "c:\maplev5/share"

Contrary to older Releases, in Release 5 you no longer have to use the readshare function in order to load Share functions and packages. Instead, after you have invoked Share by typing with(share);, just call with again, now along with the name of the function or package you would like to use. The category does not need to be specified any longer.

An example: The FPS function can be used as follows:

> restart:

> with(share);
See ?share and ?share,contents for information about the
share library
[ ]
> with(FPS);
Share Library:  FPS
Author: Gruntz, Dominik.
Description:  FPS function attempts to find a formal power 
seriesexpansion for a function in terms of a formula for 
the coefficients
  ["Abramowitz", "ChebyshevT", "ChebyshevU", "ComplexApart",     "Fibonacci", "FindDE", "FormalPowerSeries", "GegenbauerC",     "HermiteH", "JacobiP", "LaguerreL", "Legendre_P",     "Legendre_Q", "Limit", "PS", "PSInt", "Pochhammer",     "RationalAlgorithm", "RecursionSimplify", "SimpleDE",     "SimpleRE", "UpdateCoeff", "constantRE", "de2re",     "hypergeomRE", "hypergeomRsolve", "printDE", "simp", "simpl",     "simplify/Pochhammer", "simplify/factorial"]
> FPS(sin(x), x=0);
As in previous Releases, you have to first invoke Share before being able to access the respective online help pages. You may study the online-help for the various functions by typing
> ?share,contents
which features an alphabetical index.


Loading Share functions in Maple 6 and 7

After you have downloaded both the R5 Share Library and the sharetools package, proceed as described in the online help for the readshare function included in the sharetools package.

Before using readshare, make sure you have added the path to Share to libname before using the function, e.g. if Share is located in `e:/maplev5/Share`, type:

> libname := libname, `e:/maplev5/Share`:

> with(sharetools);

[loaded, readshare]

> readshare(partials);
Warning, help has been reassigned
Share Library: partials
Authors: Cheb-Terrab, Edgardo
Description: procedures for partial and functional derivatives

["Has", "Intc", "Int2c", "Int3c", "Int4c", "pdiff", "usepdiff", "Value", "evalDi", "fdiff", "odiff", "parameters", "seldiff", "usediff"]


The utils/load function

For Maple V Release 3, 4 and 5, there is a function available in the utils package that reads all main Maple Library functions and packages as well as all Share functions and packages. Instead of having to use readlib, readshare, or with, simply use utils/load; This function even automatically initializes Share before and determines the proper Share category in R3 and R4, so you do not need to do it yourself:
> restart:

> with(utils, load):
> load(FPS, linalg, iscont);
Warning, new definition for norm
Warning, new definition for trace
[FPS, iscont, linalg]

In this example, load reads the FPS function from the Share Library category analysis, initializes the linalg package and activates the iscont main Maple Library function.

Go to the utils download page now.



MPL SHARE V 02.1 current as of November 17, 2001
Author: Alexander F. Walz,
Original file location: