The sgesim package

The sgesim package is used to calculate with sexagesimal values, i.e. hours, minutes, and seconds. It is available for Maple V Release 3, 4 and 5.

The current version is:



In order to further improve the package I need your feedback, suggestions, bug reports or general comments. Please send your message to the author Alexander Walz via E-mail:


See file 'how2inst.all' included in the compressed archives for information on how to install the package.

Netscape users should press and hold the SHIFT key when clicking on the UNIX TAR/GZIP links.

Version 1.3 beta 4 for Maple 7 as of September 22, 2001

Version 1.3 beta 4 for Release 4 and 5 as of December 10, 1999

Version 1.1 for Release 3 as of October 24, 1998


Author: Alexander F. Walz,
Original file location: