WMI and Numerical Algorithms Group to cooperate in `successor to Maple`

On August 12, 1998, Waterloo Maple Inc. and the Numerical Algorithms Group, Oxford, UK, announced at the annual world conference of computer algebraists in Rostock, Federal Republic of Germany, that they have formed a strategic alliance to build the `next generation of mathematical problem-solving environments`.

NAG is known for its wide-spread and acclaimed libraries of numerical and statistical algorithms. It also produces the computer algebra system Axiom which belongs to the same class of CAS such as Maple V, Mathematica, and MuPAD.

According to the press release, both companies propose `systems that can communicate with each other and across computer networks through emerging standards such as MathML and OpenMath.`

WMI currently develops a `successor product to Maple V` which will also contain numerical NAG library functions and plans to finish it in 1999.

Source: Waterloo Maple Inc. (website/news/WMI and NAG Announce Strategic Alliance).

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