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Søren Kierkegaard
(1813 - 1855)


Kierkegaard was born in Denmark into a deeply religious, devoutly Pietist family. He was the last of seven children, all of whom were raised to fear and venerate the Lord. In 1821 Kierkegaard was sent to the School of Civic Virtue. In 1830 he entered university, intending to study theology, but was drawn instead to the study of philosophy. In 1940, however, feeling an obligation to his father, with whom he had only recently improved relations before his father's death in 1938 after being estranged for many years, Kierkegaard resumed his theological studies and finally wrote and passed the examination. In 1940 Kierkegaard also became engaged to a woman named Regine Olsen, with whom he was deeply in love, but he broke the engagement off the following year. After that, he wrote on many subjects under a variety of pseudonyms. In 1948 Kierkegaard began to attack the Danish State Church vigorously, but died suddenly in 1955.


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