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About me

My name is Nils Lommen, and I am working at the Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Informatik 2, as a research & teaching assistant.

Originally, the AIB were only published as hard copies. This electronic archive was set up 1987 by Guido Hogen completely on his own, since he felt that there is a need for such a service. After him, Olaf Chitil maintained this server for a long time. His job was taken over by Benedikt Bollig. From 2001 on, Martin Leucker took care of the web pages and the mailing list. He did a very good job at designing a new LaTeX class file and cover page. Martin left our department in 2002, and Volker Stolz became the maintainer. In November 2005, Peter Schneider-Kamp assumed control and made some substantial improvements to the publication framework. From December 2008 to December 2011, Carsten Fuhs was in charge of maintaining this archive where he further developed the automation of the publishing process. Then, Thomas Ströder has taken over until February 2016. Afterwards, Jera Hensel has continued this archive for more than 6 years until 2022. In her last months in charge, she acquainted me with this job.

Beginning with 2001, we also changed the standard policy of producing AIB. The usual way of publishing an AIB is now in electronical form. Of course, this job comes in addition to my regular work. So please do not expect everything to be perfect, I am not a librarian, nor a PostScript expert. Nonetheless, if you have any questions about or problems with this server, or any suggestions for improvements, please email me.

Nils Lommen