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Aachener Informatik-Berichte (AIB)

Publishing your Paper as an AIB

From 2021 onwards, all AIBs are published on RWTH Publications. You can publish an AIB as follows:
  1. Write your paper following the AIB style guidelines (Example PDF file). For LaTeX users, we provide the class aibtitle.cls and Springer's llncs.cls. Using aibtitle.cls, the file titlepage.tex automatically produces a title page. It furthermore requires the graphical background file background.pdf. After adapting and compiling titlepage.tex to generate a PDF title page, include this PDF file as a first page in your LaTeX sources. An example can be found here.

  2. Include the list of available reports. There are two options:

  3. Consult your supervisor for checking the final version of your report.

  4. Consult me to obtain your AIB number.

  5. Include the AIB number to obtain your PDF title page and after that, include this PDF file in your final document.

  6. Write a BibTeX-entry for your technical report. An example can be found here. Please include keywords.

  7. Publish your paper on RWTH Publications as described here.

  8. Send your BibTeX-file to me.

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For further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.