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VLL 2007: Visual Languages and Logic

Proceedings of the VLL 2007 workshop on Visual Languages and Logic
in Coeur d'Aléne, Idaho, USA, 23rd September 2007
as part of the 2007 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human Centric Computing VL/HCC 07


Philip Cox *
Andrew Fish **
John Howse **

* Dalhousie University, Canada
** University of Brighton, UK

The complete proceedings are downloadable as a single PDF-file (~4MB), and the individual papers can be downloaded below.

Table of Contents

Philip Cox, Andrew Fish and John Howse, pages i-iv

Research Papers

A Sequent Based Logic for Coincidence Grids
Dave Barker-Plummer and Nik Swoboda, pages 1-12

Visual reasoning by generalized interval-values and interval temporal logic
Benedek Nagy and Sándor Vályi, pages 13-26

Spider Diagrams of Order
Aiden Delaney and Gem Stapleton, pages 27-39

Fast Zone Discrimination
Robin Clark, pages 41-54

A Peirce Style Calculus for ALC
Frithjof Dau and Peter Eklund, pages 55-71

A PROLOG-based Approach to Representing and Querying Software Engineering Models
Harald Störrle, pages 71-83

Visual Languages: A Matter of Style
Sacha Berger, François Bry, Tim Furche and Christoph Wieser, pages 85-96

Visualising a Logic of Dependability Arguments
Corin Gurr, pages 97-109

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