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Computer Science

external link Journal of Functional and Logic Programming

The Journal of Functional and Logic Programming (JFLP) is a new electronic journal. It covers a broad scope of topics from functional and logic programming. It is specially concerned with the integration of the functional and logic paradigms as well as their common foundations. The Journal expects articles ranging from the theoretical foundations of functional and logic programming up to the application of such languages ``in the real world''. The Journal is published by The MIT Press. (only available for people inside the RWTH Aachen).

Culture (europe)

external link Europa EU's server

external link ISPO - EC Information Society Project Office

Culture (Germany)

external link Goethe Institut

Guide to Philosophy

This guide contains information about philosophers and their main works, ideas and lives.

external link Hansik Gebert Archive

A non profit download center containing the whole workbody of the multimedia artist Hansik Gebert working since the 60's in a wide area of disciplines in fine arts

mirror Olympics Through Time

Interesting section about the history of the olympic games. Contains information about prehistory, antiquity and the revival. Included is a victors time-table, a vrml model of the Zeus temple and much more.


mirror Jargon Lexicon (V1.1 1994)

Comprehensive compendium of hacker slang, illuminating many aspects of hackish tradition, folklore, and humor.ang - the 1994 version

mirror Jargon Lexicon - latest version



board game reviews and variants. (in German)

Goso's board game rule variants

(mostly in german)


Comprehensive Database about board games, card games, role playing games, etc. Pages are in English and German.


more board game reviews ...


More than 1600 reviews of bors and card games. (in German)


external link Nobel Prize Announcements

Scientific Cooperation

CEUR Workshop Proceedings

Proceedings of various workshops

CREWS Report Series

Reports of the CREWS project

mirror Dagstuhl Research Online Publication Server (DROPS)

Mirror of the "Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz Center for Informatics" publication server - updated weekly.

NATURE Report Series

Reports of the NATURE project

RWTH Aachen Dept. of Computer Science Technical Reports

mirror User Notes on Fortran Programming

A cooperative practical guide to Fortran


external link Deutsche Bahn: online Travel service

external link EUROPE-TODAY.com

All sorts of information on booking hotels, renting cars, etc., as well as lots of specialized and selected tourist information on individual towns, sites and places of interest due to different links to actionsites.com

external link Eurotrip.com

A "Backpackin' Europe" Site For The Individual's Trip To Europe

external link Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

a library of maps

external link VisitEurope.com

The official gateway to Europe, presented by the European Travel Commission

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