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EANN 2007
Engineering Applications of Neural Networks

Part of the proceedings of the 10th International Conference on
Engineering Applications of Neural Networks

Thessaloniki, Hellas, August 29-31, 2007.

Edited by

Lazaros Iliadis *
Konstantinos Margaritis #

* Democritus University of Thrace, Department of Forestry & Management of the Environment & Natural Resources, GR-68200, Orestiada, Hellas
# University of Macedonia, Department of Applied informatics, Thessaloniki, Greece

Table of Contents

  1. Artificial neural networks for non destructive testing of concrete structures
    Barbara Cannas, Sara Carcangiu, Francesca Cau, Alessandra Fanni, Augusto Montisci, Pietro Testoni
  2. Measures of Topological Relevance based on the Self-Organizing Map: Applications to Process Monitoring from Spectroscopic Measurements
    Francesco Corona, Elia Liitiainen, Amauri Lendasse, Roberto Baratti
  3. Local Anomaly Detection for Network System Log Monitoring
    Pekka Kumpulainen, Kimmo Hatonen
  4. Dynamic Neural Networks for Prediction of Disruptions in Tokamaks
    Barbara Cannas, Alessandra Fanni, Augusto Montisci, Gabriele Murgia, Piergiorgio Sonato, Maria Katiuscia Zedda
  5. Prediction of Distillate Yields in a Visbreaking Process by Neural Networks
    O. Foddi, M. Grosso, S. Tronci, R. Baratti
  6. Application of Reinforcement Learning for the Generation of an Assembly Plant Entry Control Policy
    E. Kehris, D. Dranidis
  7. Neural Network Thermal Model of a Ladle Furnace
    Patricia Teixeira Sampaio, Antonio Padua Braga, Takeshi Fujii
  8. Alternative Dynamic Network Structures for Non-linear System Modelling
    K. P. Dimopoulos and C. Kambhampati
  9. Dimensionality Reduction Through Unsupervised Features Selection
    Sebastien Guerif, Younes Bennani
  10. Solving Nonlinear Algebraic Systems Using Artificial Neural Networks
    Athanasios Margaris, Miltiadis Adamopoulos
  11. Breast Cancer Diagnostic Factors Elimination via Evolutionary Neural Network Pruning
    Adam V. Adamopoulos
  12. Abdominal Pain Estimation in Childhood based on Artificial Neural Network Classification
    Dimitrios Mantzaris, George Anastassopoulos, Adam Adamopoulos, Ioannis Stephanakis, Katerina Kambouri, Stefanos Gardikis
  13. Application of a New Algorithm, Iterative SOM, to the Detection of Gene Expressions
    Marcos Levano, Hans Nowak
  14. Hearing Aid System Using Basilar Hardware Membrane Model
    Yoko Takase, Yugo Hayashi, Yoshifumi Sekine
  15. An Artificial Neural Network Model of the Milk-Ejection Reflex in the Sheep
    Anastasia S. Tsingotjidou, Lazaros Iliadis, Efstratios K. Kosmidis, Christos Batzios, Georgios C. Papadopoulos
  16. A Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Approach to Monthly Forecasting of Crude Oil Price Time Series
    Mohammad Reza Amin-Naseri, Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh
  17. Municipal Creditworthiness Modelling by Clustering Methods
    Petr Hajek, Vladimir Olej
  18. Weather Derivatives Pricing: Modeling the Seasonal Residual Variance of an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Temperature Process with Neural Networks
    Achilleas Zapranis, Antonis Alexandridis
  19. Using Neural Networks for Predicting the Likelihood of Interference to Groundwave Users in the HF Spectrum
    Haris Haralambous, Harris Papadopoulos, Lefteris Economou
  20. Application Methods for Self Organizing Map in Process Imaging for Dynamic Behavior of Aerated Agitation Vessel
    Hideyuki Matsumoto, Ryuichi Masumoto, Chiaki Kuroda
  21. Text Correction Using Approaches Based on Markovian Architectural Bias
    Michal Cernansky, Matej Makula, Peter Trebaticky, Peter Lacko
  22. Updating of Road Network Databases: Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Grouping Using Snap-Drift Neural Network
    Frank Ekpenyong, Dominic Palmer-Brown, Allan Brimicombe
  23. Snap-drift ADaptive FUnction Neural Network (SADFUNN) for Optical and Pen-Based Handwritten Digit Recognition
    Miao Kang, Dominic Palmer-Brown
  24. Feed Forward Control of L-Methionine Using Sequential Adaptive Networks
    Rajib Nayak, James Gomes
  25. Combining experimental data and physical simulation models in Support Vector learning
    Gerard Bloch, Fabien Lauer, Guillaume Colin, Yann Chamaillard
  26. A Development of Tools For Monitorization and Control of Multivariable Neurocontrolled Systems with Application to Distillation Columns
    J. Fernandez de Canete, S. Gonzalez-Perez, P. del Saz Orozco
  27. An Innovative Artificial Neural Network Evaluation Model: Application in industry
    L. S. Iliadis, S. Spartalis, S. I. Tachos
  28. Inference using Binary, Trivalent and Sigmoid Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
    Athanasios K. Tsadiras
  29. A Fuzzy Decision Support System Evaluating Qualitative Attributes Towards Forest Fire Risk Estimation
    Theocharis Tsataltzinos
  30. On-line Control of a Fed-Batch Fermentation by using SOM Based Multiple Local Linear Models
    Bedilu Abaineh, Rajib Nayak, Amalendu P. Ranjan, James Gomes
  31. Colour class identification of tracers using artificial neural networks
    Robert W. Kuhn, Robert Bordas, Bernd Wunderlich
  32. A Language-Independent Neural Network-Based Speech Synthesizer
    Mario Malcangi, David Frontini
  33. Feature Extraction for Time Series Data: an Artificial Neural Network Evolutionary Training Model for the Management of Mountainous Watersheds.
    Thomas J. Glezakos, Theodore A. Tsiligiridis, Lazaros S. Iliadis, Constantine P. Yialouris, Fotios P. Maris, Konstantinos P. Ferentinos
  34. Ensemble Selection for Water Quality Prediction
    Ioannis Partalas, Evaggelos V. Hatzikos, Grigorios Tsoumakas, Ioannis Vlahavas
  35. Neural Modelling of the Tropospheric Ozone Concentrations in an Urban Site
    A. K. Paschalidou, L. S. Iliadis, P. Kassomenos, C. Bezirtzoglou

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