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Aachener Informatik-Berichte (AIB)

Available Reports

By selecting a year from the menu you can retrieve any (electronically) available technical report in gzipped PostScript format. You can also browse all AIB, their abstracts or retrieve the corresponding BibTeX files.

A complete list of all reports is available as a PostScript file or plain text.

For reports of the Informatik-Berichte series which are not electronically available (or in case you need a printed version) you may e-mail me. I will send you a printed report by post, if it is still available.

A few papers which did not appear in the Informatik-Berichte series are also availabe, but for all other papers you have to contact the respective authors or look up their respective personal WWW-pages. In that case the search function of the university-wide information system may be helpful (type the name in the input field labeled Suchbegriff and start the search by selecting Suchen).

In case you face problems with printing a report we have collected a few hints.

Mailing List

New technical reports are announced on the mailing list

By subscribing to this list you will receive these announcements approximately once per month. Just send an email with

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as subject to

Computer Science Technical Reports World Wide

The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
Collection of bibliographies of scientific literature in computer science from various sources, covering most aspects of computer science.
Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library (NCSTRL)
An international collection of computer science technical reports from CS departments and industrial and government research laboratories, made available for non-commercial and eduational use. (More than 50 participating institutions.)

Information for Authors

How to publish a technical report in the Aachener Informatik-Berichte-series

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